Route Comment: Counterbalance

Miner’s Crag > Upper Crag > Route Comment: Counterbalance | | VS 4c ** 12-May-2017, Dave Bodecott It has been suggested that Counterbalance (VS 4c) is worth ** rather than no stars as given in the current guidebook.


Miner’s Crag > Upper Crag > Medea | 55m | S 4b ** 29-Apr-2017, G Widdowson, D Bodecott Climbs the huge corner between the top pitches of Corkscrew and Double Slab. A minor classic. Well protected and sunny (In Greek Mythology Medea was the grand-daughter of Helios, the Sun God). Will stay clean with use. […]


Miner’s Crag > Upper Crag > Messalina | 70m | VS 4c * 22-Apr-2017, D Bodecott, G Widdowson A real strumpet of a route. Climbs the large leaning corner between the upper pitches of Counterbalance and Corkscrew. Sunny and well protected. Will stay clean with traffic. 1 35m 4b Follow first pitches of Corkscrew or […]

Buttermere, Newlands and St Bees new routes from 2008 to July 2016

St Bees > Newlands > Buttermere > Buttermere, Newlands and St Bees new routes from 2008 to July 2016 | | 17-Jul-2016, Trevor Langhorne These new routes and comments have been taken from the previous FRCC Website. Buttermere Newlands and St Bees new routes and comments 2008 St Bees Archive 1972 Interim Guide.

Buttermere & St Bees

Add to Cart This guidebook covers the climbing in three diverse locations; Buttermere and its near environs, the Newlands valley and the sandstone sea cliffs of St Bees Head near Whitehaven. Buttermere has often been described as the Cinderella of Lake District climbing, despite its many superb routes, the crags are rarely crowded. To climb […]