Far Eastern Fells

The boundaries of AW’s Far Eastern Fells are Kirkstone Pass and Ullswater in the west and Swindale, Mosedale and Longsleddale in the east. Here, the area has been extended eastwards to the National Park boundary thereby including outlying summits. The landowners have not wished to encourage access to The Nab in Martindale and there are limited rights of way around Crookdale and Bannisdale but recent CROW legislation is not improving responsible access to these areas.

AW did the walks for his book in the years 1955 to 1957 and says that he rarely met anyone in his explorations from dawn to dusk. Today, there are certainly more walkers about, but it is still possible for seekers of solitude to have some success in this area especially out of season. Even on bank holidays, the more remote hills are quiet and peaceful, but the High Street ridge and the area around the head of Ullswater are best avoided at such times.