How to apply to join the Fell and Rock Climbing Club (The Club)

Who can join?

The Club welcomes applications for membership from the following:

  • Able, self-reliant rock climbers, fell walkers and mountaineers over the age of 18.
  • Applicants competent in British mountains under all weather conditions.
  • It is expected that members be sociable and considerate towards other members and guests, both in huts and outdoors.
  • It is also important to help to maintain Club properties at their high standard and to accept a fair share of responsibility for communal duties when using the huts.
  • The Club is not a training organisation and all applicants must be experienced climbers or mountaineers.

Attention is drawn to the participation statement shown below, which new members will be required to agree to:

The FRCC recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

What level of competence and experience is required?

  • As a climber, it is expected that applicant should be competent and safe and have considerable experience in the Lake District and elsewhere.
  • As a mountaineer and fell walker, it is expected that applicants can judge conditions and navigate competently and safely in all kinds of weather throughout the year.
  • It is expected one has the requisite fitness for these mountain activities.
  • All must be self reliant whilst on the crags and mountains.

What are the benefits of joining?

There are many benefits from joining including the following:

  • The Club brings together people with a shared interest in all types of mountain activities mainly rock, snow and ice climbing, mountain walking, back-packing and trekking as well as fell running, skiing, ski-touring, mountain biking, orienteering etc.
  • The Club owns 5 huts and 3 cottages in the Lake District and 2 huts in Scotland.
  • There is an extensive programme of meets, almost every weekend, based on our own huts, kindred club huts and elsewhere throughout the UK and overseas.
  • The Club is a private club, registered as a Mutual Society, which currently has a membership limit of 1300.

Joining Procedure

There is a two stage joining procedure – initially to Associate Membership and then to Full Membership.

Application to Associate Membership can be done in two ways both requiring a Proposer and a Seconder together with either of the following:

  • Attendance at 3 meets or
  • Application supported by 4 Supporters

Once one is an Associate Member one is then “a member” of the Club, with a key for the huts and able to vote at the AGM – but not able to propose or second a candidate or stand for election. A period of normally 3 years follows during which time one shows commitment to the Club by attendance at meets, staying in huts, helping with maintenance of huts, helping with guidebooks etc. Application is then made for Full Membership of the Club.

The Proposer and Seconder:

  • Should have known the applicant for some time having climbed or been on the mountains with them and know of their abilities and suitability for joining the club.
  • Normally the proposer or seconder should not be related however proposing or seconding by one relative would be acceptable.
  • Should be Full Members of the Club

The Supporters:

  • Should have knowledge of the abilities and suitability of the applicant for membership
  • Can be related to the applicant
  • Should be Full Members of the Club

What if you don’t know anyone in the Club?

It can be difficult to join a club or association if one does not know anyone. In order to help in this situation the Club has the following:

  • Make direct contact with the FRCC Membership Secretary.
  • There are various “local contacts” around the UK to whom the Membership Secretary can direct you.
  • There are Introductory Meets during the year which provide opportunities to meet other Club members, to take part in mountain activities and generally get to know about the Club – full details are available from the FRCC Membership Secretary.

Applying for Membership

  • Application is made by completion and submission of an Application Form for Associate Membership which is obtainable from the FRCC Membership Secretary.
  • Further guidance is also available from the Membership Secretary.
  • Application for Full Membership will similar be made on an appropriate Form again obtainable from the Membership Secretary or FRCC website.