New Website

The new website is live!

Members will need to log in to see the full content of the site – see eNews 101 for details or contact Philip Powell or Graham Harkness (see handbook for contact details).

15 thoughts on “New Website

  1. Is there any way to see all new routes for the last 30days, 90 days etc as on the old website without being a member? The old website was easy to use and very informative ~need i say more?

    1. I agree with Mike Lynch the new website has is a shadow of its former self, why is all the previous information,new routes, photos , crag location, etc now missing?

      1. It takes a lot of time and effort to migrate this kind of historical content. So I understand that much has been made available in downloadable PDF digest documents linked in each guidebook area.

        I guess, if you’d prefer to see each historical archived article republished, you could volunteer some of your time to the committee…

  2. Where are the minutes of past comm meetings, and agm’s?
    Where are the list of officers and their contact details?
    Where is the meets list?
    Where is the forums, and have the old forum pages been lost?
    It is not easily evident where these are.

    1. All the items will be found in the white Menu box on top right of Home Page. All the “closed” items will be found under the Members section.

  3. Hi Phil
    Why don’t I receive club news email as before ,
    eg the death of George Lamb .
    Enews is blank when I access it.
    I have received them successfully ever since they were first sent out
    I appear to be logged in correctly

  4. On the hut booking pages, have free -beds number made as big as the date number?
    Or somehow more easily read.
    On a different matter, can the contact emails be put alongside the officials names so that emails can be easily addressed. Now you need a handbook with you to mail.

    1. Graham, your wish is my command – the font size is now the same on hut calendars. (You may need to refresh Ctrl-R on a PC, Cmd-R on a Mac to see the change.)

      With-respect-to the second point about emails, I do not understand the request. Where are you referring to?

    2. On the Committee and Officials Page, clicking on any individual’s name should open your email program with their address in place.

  5. I have tried, and my m/c asks me to log in with a Microsoft account. As current Grand Master of the Northern Chapter of Luddites, I ask, why not simply have the email addresses there by the names, to copy and paste?

    1. Right-click on the name/link and select “Copy” – that is then the email address that you can paste in to your email programme.

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