Petition to ban 4x4s around Little Langdale

The club has been sent information of a petition to ban 4x4s from ruining the area around Little Langdale. It is to be handed to the CEO of the Lake District National Park Authority on 23rd October.

To sign the petition click here.

2 comments on "Petition to ban 4x4s around Little Langdale"

  1. Sad that a club like the FRCC, which encourages people to enjoy themselves feels a need to seek to ban others from enjoying themselves. Those people who enjoy driving on the public road network in Little Langdale (including untarmaced roads) do so at minimal detriment to climbers, walkers and cyclists. So let’s live and let live.

    1. I have seen the damage to tracks around the area south of little Langdale, no-one who would be walking those tracks at the same time as the 4 x4 would be safe as they try to pass. The depth of the trenches ground away by the tyres is such that a vehicle is at risk from overturning. Anyone close to the passing vehicle risks injury. There is nothing in this activity which is remotely environmentally friendly.

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