Cul de Sac

Cul de Sac | 9m | S 4a
28-Apr-2017, Tom Walkington, Jim Cooper

GR SD 205 918; Alt 220m; West facing.
This is one of several crags east of the road and about a mile north of Stonestar Crag. It is a square shaped clean steep slab, half hidden behind a tree.

Approach: Park in the layby about 600m south of the small quarry by the road bend. Follow the path up the hillside for about 300m then head up left to a prominent Yew tree. The crag is about 300m up to the left.

The fist wide crack up the right side of the gully.

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  1. I sent to this site a description of Fox Crag and Upper Fox Crag,and approaches.Are they still on file?

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