The Botchergate Glare

The Botchergate Glare | 45m | HVS, 5a *
14-May-2017, Dave Ferguson, Phil Wilkinson

A surprisingly independent eliminate taking the slab left of The Borrowdale Stare. Start in the corner on the left hand side of the slab. Follow the line of thin cracks up the slab just left of centre over a couple of steeper sections to finish up a slim groove. Well protected if a little mossy, should improve with traffic.

Dave Bodecott has kindly provided a couple of photos which show the location of some loose blocks which, if still present, will overlook this route (Editor)

The area of massive loose blocks (which have now partly collapsed) is circled upper left. Left hand line is The Botchergate Glare, central line is Borrowdale Stair and the right hand line is Altherrenpartie/Soda Pop (upper section not clear).




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One thought on “The Botchergate Glare

  1. Well done lads – sharp intake of breath, rockfall there in 2011 and two more blocks glaring at you, yet to come down.

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