Beetham Cottage

Hut Booking

The preferred method is online booking as that provides instant confirmation. However, email, land mail and telephone calls are perfectly OK – email is preferred – Email Warden. Address and telephone are in handbook or lower down on this page but no phone calls after 9pm please. Bookings are not normally required mid week, but it is best to check out the weekends. Meets do tend to be quite full so advance booking is a must. Members wishing to bring more than 3 guests should seek the warden’s permission.

There is space for camping but there is a limit of six campers (not six tents!) so as not to overburden the hut facilities. It is advisable to book a space online if you intend to camp.

About Beetham

Beetham Cottage is the only FRCC hut in the Eastern Lake District. It is a delightful, small cottage set just north of Brotherswater, near Hartsop village on the approach to Kirkstone Pass. It is centrally placed for access to all the Eastern fells. This is where it it located…


Grid Ref: NY 405129
Address: Beetham Cottage, Hartsop, Patterdale, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0NZ

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Beetham sits on the side of the A592 Penrith to Windermere road. Coming from the North it is about 3km beyond Patterdale. It is on the left about 100m beyond the turning to Hartsop with a barrier across the car park entrance. Care should be taking when stopping to open the barrier.

From the South you will pass the Brotherswater Hotel on the left at the foot of Kirkstone. About 1km beyond the hotel you will see the cottage and car park barrier on the right.

Beetham Cottage
Beetham Cottage

Nearest Telephone/Mobile Connection

There is no mobile reception in the immediate area. There are public phone boxes at the Brotherswater Hotel 1 km up the road and in Patterdale 3km the other way.

Facilities in the area

There are shops at the Brotherswater campsite and in Patterdale and Glenridding. Meals are also available at the Brotherswater hotel but there is a much wider selection of eateries in Patterdale and Glenridding.

The 508 runs between Penrith and Windermere and passes Beetham. Please check times on the Traveline or Stage Coach websites.

The Ullswater ferry plies regularly between Glenridding and Howtown and Pooley Bridge This can be useful if your mountain trip ends up at the top end of the lake.

Climbing and Walking

There are crags within easy walking distance in the Dovedale, Deepdale and Grisedale valleys. Many other challenges are around in the wider area and the 2011 FRCC Guide gives comprehensive details.

Winter challenges in the eastern gullies and slopes of the whole Helvellyn Ridge can easily be reached from Beetham and it’s worth waiting for the right conditions for winter expeditions. Sublime if you get it right.

The Cottage is also very well placed for ascending the High Street range on the east and the Fairfield/Helvellyn ridge to the west. Best of all you can walk in walk out from the hut to much of it!


A generous bequest from Bentley Beetham, an honorary member of the club, in 1963 made possible the purchase of the cottage which now bears his name. At first, and because of Bentley’s connections with Borrowdale, a larger hut in that valley was considered but this was rejected in favour of a property in the Eastern fells. A two storey stone house known as Brotherswater Cottage on the main Kirkstone road near Hartsop was on the market, the only stipulation being that it should not be used as a retail shop or a filling station. It had the added attraction of being attached already to mains services although conversion work was still needed to convert it for use as a Club Hut. After many months work the hut, with the new name Beetham Cottage, was officially opened in October 1965.

Beetham 50th anniversary: 2015
Beetham 50th anniversary: 2015