Membership Requirements

To become a member of the Fell & Rock Climbing Club you do not have to be an Olympian. You also don’t need to have a Cumbrian postcode. Indeed, you don’t even need to know any other members before coming along to your first meet. What we do ask though is that you are completely comfortable with the following:

Mountain Walkers and Mountaineers

  • You are self-reliant in the mountains in both winter and summer conditions.
  • You have the requisite fitness for long mountain days.
  • You don’t treat your compass as a fashion accessory.


  • You are safe and competent at your chosen grade and are happy to morph from crag rat to mountain goat.

Membership is for Everyone

  • You love huts as much as we do and pride yourself on helping to maintain and clean them.
  • You are a passionate mountaineer and you’re also an individual who treats fellow mountaineers and visitors to our huts with respect.
  • You have a love and passion for the Lake District. We have a proud Lake District heritage. All mountainous areas are amazing but it is the Lake District where the heart of the club beats.