BMC Re-branding

Survey of Members’ Views

FRCC members will probably be aware from BMC emails and news that the BMC propose to re-brand and change its name to “Climb Britain”.

Full details, including the reasons for the name change, are at:
BMC to change its name to Climb Britain

with an update at: BMC update

Climb Britain: the facts, is at: Climb Britain

The decision was agreed by the BMC’s Board of Directors and subsequently approved by the BMC’s National Council, following recommendations made by external consultants but without consulting members. It should be noted that the consultancy work leading up to the Climb Britain announcement was funded by Sport England and not the BMC.

There has been an unexpectedly strong response from many BMC members both on the BMC website and on some other climbing sites which has resulted in the BMC offering wider consultation via a series of Area Meetings,
see: Forthcoming BMC area meetings.

The FRCC committee will be discussing this at the 3rd September committee meeting and then looking to forward comment to the BMC.

All FRCC Members residing in Britain are club members of the BMC and can attend any Area Meeting. Feedback received at these Area Meetings will be discussed by the BMC’s National Council on 17th September and a decision will be made on how to proceed.

The Committee would like to know the views of the members for the committee meeting in September and we have therefore prepared a simple survey below / attached and we would be grateful if you would complete and email / return this to the President.

BMC Rebranding Survey

We would be grateful if all Members and Associates could complete the survey by Thursday 1st September.

Any member who would like to comment about the re-branding in more detail should email the President – Ron Kenyon.

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