Climb Britain

After 70 years, the BMC is to change its name to Climb Britain.

The official launch events will be at the Kendal Film Festival on 2 December – the BMC’s 72nd birthday. The BMC’s presence in Wales will become Climb Cymru.

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  1. I have tried not to be reactionary to this name change, but as a walker, sometime climber, fell runner, and ski-mountaineer, it is only when doing one of these mountaineering activities that I consider myself to be climbing. The name British Mountaineering Council, for all the problems of a name reflecting its troubled birth, is inclusive. Climb Britain is not. I hope the BMC thinks again.

  2. Tend to agree, Andy. Fail to see the need to change the name from something that encompassed all mountaineering activity to one that seems on the surface to exclude all except climbers.

    Will be interesting to see how others react.

  3. My previous comment of 4 August 2016 was also posted on the BMC website but has been removed. Why I do not know.

    Someone else has noted that:

    Article 3.2 of the Articles of Association (amended as recently as 2014) states that the BMC is “the representative body …. for Climbing, Mountaineering, (which shall include ski-mountaineering) and Hillwalking (hereinafter collectively referred to as ‘Mountaineering’)”.
    In other words, the word ‘Mountaineering’ is the one descriptor to be used in the Articles to encompass all activities that the BMC represents.
    Opinion :
    – If the word “Mountaineering” (rather than “Climbing”) is defined in the Articles of Association to be the one word which embraces all relevant activities, then should not that same word be used in the name of the organisation rather than “Climb” ? If not, then the Articles of Association should be changed.

    Good points!

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