Green Road driving in Little Langdale

There is a new campaign website to help against off-roading in Little Langdale:

Save Langdale Green Lanes

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  1. Hi,
    I often walk along this track, most recently last Sunday. 4 Kanku vehicles, 3 ‘private vehicles and 8 motorbikes passed me in a short time. The fumes, noise and general behaviour of the drivers was unacceptable. On a ‘normal road’ this would be illegal. I remember this track before the advent of off-roading, it was well constructed and maintained and used by farmers and quarry workers as an access route between the two valleys. Now it is an eroded scar on the landscape.
    Is the term ‘off-roading’ the wrong term to use in the context? Surely it is illegal to drive ‘off road’ under most circumstances. Should it be BOAT: Byeways Open to All Traffic?
    For more information go to the LDNPA website and click onto Green Road Driving.
    The use of this track by motorized vehicles should be banned.
    Mark Scott

  2. Hi

    You’re right, Mark, off-roading is the wrong term. Although motor vehicle rights have not been established for these tracks, they are categorised as UUCRs (Unsealed Unclassified Country Roads) and can legally be used by 4x4s and motorbikes.

    The only possible way of saving these green lanes is through a TRO (Traffic Regulation Order). That’s what the National Park Authority should do – but bizarrely won’t do, unlike the Yorkshire Dales and Peak District.

    It would be great if you could you send an email with your specific experience to Richard Leafe, CEO of the LDNPA ( We need to keep pressing them. Or harrassing them, as one of the local farmers put it.

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