Kindred Clubs

The Kindred Club relationship is a mutually beneficial agreement between the FRCC and currently 14 long established clubs with similar objectives. This agreement allows members of Kindred Clubs to book places in FRCC huts subject to the appropriate Bye-laws (Bye-law 3). In return Kindred Clubs allow FRCC members to book places in their huts subject to their rules and regulations (see Kindred Club Huts page 37). Kindred Club members arriving at a FRCC hut must have a key, booking card issued by the relevant hut warden and a valid Kindred Club membership card.

Only FRCC and Kindred Club members can book hut spaces at FRCC huts. Individual BMC members do not have this entitlement.

Our kindred clubs are :-

Kindred club members who wish to book in at an FRCC hut may check bed availability by hut and date below:

FRCC Hut availabilty for Kindred Club members

To make a booking at a Kindred Club hut, see the current handbook.