Kindred Club Hut Bye Laws

Club Huts and Cottages are provided to enable members of the Club and their guests, and members of Kindred Clubs and their guests, to have access to sleeping, cooking, eating and washing facilities whilst pursuing the Club’s objectives.


a) Only the following may use the huts;

  • FRCC Members and their guests,
  • Members of Kindred Clubs and their guests,
  • Others who are authorised by the Warden or the Huts Secretary,
  • Casual visitors but only in cases of extreme emergency due to bad weather, illness or accident.


c) Kindred Clubs may hold formal club meets in our huts. Other clubs are not allowed to hold their meets in our huts except as detailed under Bye-law 3 (B) below.

g) All Bye-laws must be observed.

h) Parties of 8 people or more wishing to book beds at Waters Cottage between 1st December and 31st March will be required to pay for all bed nights at the time of booking.



a) All applications shall be made in accordance with these Bye-laws. Copies of the relevant part of these Bye-laws are available to Kindred Clubs from the Secretary of their own Club, the FRCC Secretary, the FRCC Huts Secretary or from the FRCC website. The Kindred Club Hut Bye-laws (as they are known) are a copy of the relevant sections of these Bye-laws which take precedence.

A list of Kindred Clubs is shown here.

b) Kindred Club members who wish to book beds in a FRCC Club Hut should apply by letter or e-mail to the relevant Hut Warden at least 7 days before their proposed visit. Telephone bookings will not be accepted.

c) Applications must state the date, and the number of male and female beds required, the number of guests, and must prove membership of a Kindred Club.

d) Kindred Club members will not be allowed to book on a FRCC meet unless they are the guest of an FRCC Member.

e) Kindred Clubs who wish to base one of their own meets at a FRCC Hut must state the number of places required, which can not exceed 50% of the male and/or 50% of the female bed spaces at the hut. The number of places used must not exceed the number booked.

f) All applications shall include a cheque for £25, made payable to Fell and Rock Climbing Club, as a deposit on the Hut key. This cheque will be destroyed when the Hut key is returned to the Warden. If more than one Hut is to be visited, a separate application for each Hut is required as each Hut has a separate key. Kindred Club Members must not attempt to stay at a Hut unless they have a key, a booking card from the relevant hut warden and a valid Kindred Club membership card.

g) A small, addressed, padded envelope, with a large letter stamp on it, must accompany the application, which the Warden will use to return a hut key and a booking card. This booking card gives Kindred Club Members and their guests prior claim to beds over FRCC Members who have not booked a bed.

h) No Kindred Club Member may introduce more than 3 guests at one time without the Warden’s written permission. The Kindred Club Member must accompany their guest(s). The total number of Kindred Club Members (including their guests) allowed to book beds at a hut must not exceed 50% of the male and/or 50% of the female beds.

i) All Kindred Club members and guests must be 18 years of age or older. Children are not allowed.

j) Kindred Club guests pay the guest fee, not the Kindred Club member fee.

k) Except in cases of extreme emergency due to bad weather, illness or accident, casual visitors shall not be given permission to use the Huts.

l) The use of FRCC huts by Kindred Clubs is for genuine recreational purposes only.

m) Any use of the huts for professional or commercial purposes is prohibited.


a) Immediately on arrival all Hut users must enter their names in the Visitors Book, together with the date of arrival.

c) On departure the total fees due must be entered in the Visitors Book. The amount payable must be placed in one of the fee envelopes provided. The names of the party and details of the payment must be written on the envelope, which should then be placed in the safe. Wherever possible payment should be by cheque, made payable to FRCC Ltd.

Hut fees are as set out below:

  • Members £6.00 per night.
  • Member’s spouse or partner £7.00 per night.
  • Kindred Club Members £9.00 per night.
  • Children under 18 & 5 or over £6.50 per night
  • Day visit £2.00 per visit
  • Children aged 4 and under pay no Hut fee.

For the purposes of this Bye-law, a spouse/partner is someone living permanently at the same address with the member.

In addition, the reduced rate for a spouse/partner only applies when the spouse/partner is there with the relevant member.

Hut fees may be varied from time to time by the Committee.

d) Members are responsible for payment of hut fees by their guests and for their guests’ behaviour.


a) Camping and sleeping out by Members and their guests is allowed at Brackenclose, Waters Cottage, Karn House and Beetham Cottage but at no other Hut. Note: Full hut fees shall be paid when sleeping in cars or vans at any hut.

b) The standard overnight fee applies to camping and sleeping in vehicles.

c) Members are asked to advise the Warden, in writing, if they intend to camp on a weekend when a meet is based at the Hut.

d) Campers must not remove dormitory or other Hut equipment for use outside the Hut.


a) Huts and Cottages shall be regarded as places where all users are entitled to reasonable standards of peace and quiet.

b) Dogs and other animals are not allowed into a Hut or Cottage. The only exception to this is for an assistance dog.

c) Musical instruments must not be played in any Hut or Cottage except where the party has sole use. The only exceptions will be indicated on the Meets list with the letter “E” (for Entertainment).
Sole use is defined as : when a member or a party of members and their guests have sole occupation. If other members are present, sole use of the Hut or Cottage will cease.

d) Sound emitting electronic devices must be used in silent mode and must not inconvenience other hut users.

e) Mobile phones or similar transmitting/receiving devices must only be used in silent mode in any Hut or Cottage. They must not be used for conversations and must not inconvenience other hut users.

f) All persons sleeping in a Hut must provide themselves with a sheet or other sleeping bag.

g) Smoking is not permitted in any part of a Hut or Cottage.

h) The use or possession of illegal drugs is an indictable offence and is not permitted in any part of FRCC property (This is deemed to include vehicles parked on FRCC property). The club is required to inform the Police if anyone is found in possession of these substances. Any member found in possession of these substances, on club property, will face disciplinary action as set out in Rule 15.

i) Motor vehicles must be parked only in recognised locations and must not be allowed to obstruct exits or the highway. Members who intend to leave the hut without taking their vehicle must ensure that they are not trapping in the vehicles of other members who may intend to use them.

k) The total number of people sleeping in a hut must not exceed the number of beds available. Sleeping on the floor is not allowed.


a) Report any breakages to the Warden.

b) If Members cause damage to the fabric or equipment at a Hut they must report the damage to the Warden or the Huts Secretary. At the discretion of the Committee the member will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.

c) Members are responsible for damage caused by their guests.


a) Members and their guests must carry out the following domestic duties during and at the end of their stay.

b) Replenish stocks of coal and firewood from the store.

c) Clean out fires and heating stoves. (Do not relay fires as the paper soon becomes too damp to light.)

d) Wash, dry and store crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils as soon as possible after use.

e) Clean cookers and work surfaces after use.

f) Tidy all rooms and clean floors.

g) Store all foodstuff in the larder, food boxes or shelves provided and remove from the Hut at the end of their stay.

h) Notify the Warden of any imminent shortages of fuel, cleaning materials or consumables.


Members and their guests are required to observe the special instructions given on Hut notices regarding fire precautions, gas installation, heating, water supply, lighting, drainage and payment of fees.