Lake District power line to go underground

The news has just come through that National Grid plans to put 23.4km (14.5 miles) of new line underground through the entire western section of the Lake District National Park. This could also see the existing lines there being removed completely, leaving this part of the park free of pylons for the first time in more than 60 years.

There is still have concerns about areas in the south west of Cumbria which lie very close to the Lake District boundary where National Grid is still proposing pylons as the solution for connection. It is still felt the Duddon Valley and other visually sensitive areas south of the National Park should also be considered for undergrounding or possibly a tunnel across the Duddon Estuary.

Not sure of full details but this is fantastic news for the area.

One comment on "Lake District power line to go underground"

  1. Hi Ron, Its a concession and an improvement but Its not such good news as your comment suggests! If you look at the national grid project website you will see Undergrounding does not start until the national park boundary south of Drigg village so there will still be pylons, VERY BIG PYLONS between moorside power station and drigg. These will be very visible from all the west facing fells ie those with west facing views across Eskdale and more so, Wasdale. So for example from the screes right round the Scafells, Gable, Pillar, Red pike, Seatallan etc. Its far from a happy situation, your comments about a pylon free national park section are correct but a pylon free view…. NO

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