Recreational Motor (4×4) Vehicles in Little Langdale

The FRCC Committee object to recreational motor (4×4) vehicles driving on the unsealed tracks near Little Langdale, between High Oxenfell & Hodge Close and High Tilberthwaite & Bridge End. We all want to use the Lake District for recreation, as well as farmers and landowners who make their living from the land. However the landscape is very vulnerable and the use of 4×4 vehicles on the green lanes in Little Langdale is creating considerable damage.

In 2006 National Park Authorities were given powers to stop motor vehicles from using these routes by imposing a Traffic Regulation Order. We urge all members and supporters to take action to stop the use of recreational motor (4×4) vehicles in Little Langdale by writing to Lake District National Park Authority to start consultations for a permanent Traffic Regulation Order on the unsealed roads between High Oxenfell and Hodge Close and between High Tilberthwaite and Bridge End for the following reasons, as stated in the DEFRA Guidelines for National Park Authorities making Traffic Regulation Orders under section 22BB Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984:

  • to preserve or improve the amenities of the area through which the road runs
  • to conserve or enhance the natural beauty of the area, or to afford better opportunities for the public to enjoy the amenities of the area, or recreation or the study of nature in the area.

The FRCC will be writing to the Lake District National Park Authority to request that we be consulted on the access and recreation priorities of the area and the desirability of a Traffic Regulation Order.

Brenda Fullard
FRCC Secretary

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