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To climb in Borrowdale is an absolute joy. The rock is generally good quality, featured volcanic ash and the situations are amazingly varied and, with few exceptions, exquisite. Borrowdale’s crags stand serenely above the steep tree lined valley sides, they hide away to be discovered amongst the arborial ferns or imperiously dominate the bare fellside of the higher combes.
Arguably the most beautiful Lakeland valley, Borrowdale is understandably popular, not just with climbers. The valley is well endowed with quaint hamlets, country pubs, welcoming cafes and sylvan campsites all linked by a network of good paths. Most of the crags are reached by a lovely walk and, once there, the situations and views are stunning. The downside is the difficulty you may have parking your car, especially on fine summer days. Don’t be put off by this popularity, if you venture a little further there are many attractive sunny crags where you can find solitude, your only companions being the ewes, the ravens and the wind in your hair.

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