The Club’s Data Protection Policy

This Data Protection Act has been in force since 1998 and the club has to abide by its requirements. The club does hold data from our members; some is on paper and some is held electronically.

The purpose of this document is to explain to members what data we hold and how it is used.

On Paper

We would expect to hold your original Application for Associate Membership form, your subsequent Application for Transfer from Associate to Full Membership form and any letters that you may have written. These are held by a club officer in files that are not available to any other member or to the public. Some of the application forms are now in the Archive where they are held securely.


In the Membership Database we would normally hold information that you have given to us on your Application Form with other information added later. This would be limited to:

  • Full name (and maiden name, where appropriate),
  • Postal address,
  • Email address,
  • Phone numbers,
  • Date of birth,
  • Date of joining as an Associate Member,
  • Date of becoming a Full Member,
  • Class of member, e.g. Full, Life, Honorary,
  • Subscription due,
  • Subscription paid,
  • Bank account details (for all those paying by Direct Debit),
  • History of service to the club, e.g. Secretary, 2004 – 2013,
  • For members leaving the club, the date of leaving and the reason. When members leave the club, the data held on them is archived but with bank details removed.

This information is held on a computer in a secure location.

We would expect to use parts of this electronic information for:

  • The production of the annual Handbook,
  • The generation of labels for posting material to members,
  • Sending E-newsletters to the members who have asked to receive them,
  • Collecting subscriptions from those who pay by Direct Debit,
  • Producing various analyses to help to run the club,
  • Transmission to the British Mountaineering Council to provide Third Party insurance and to
    enable them to send out information, Membership Cards and Summit magazines,
  • Producing lists of changes to members’ details for the Chronicle.

Minutes of Meetings

Members’ names will be included in the minutes of FRCC meetings when they apply to join, transfer to Full Membership or if they are discussed for any reason. Minutes of committee meetings are put onto the members’ section of the club’s website when they have been approved at the next meeting.

Dissemination of this Information

In the main, information is sent only to members of the club. The exceptions are:

  • To the BMC to support BMC affiliation,
  • Subscription due and bank details (password protected or encrypted), to the agent dealing
    with the collection of subscriptions by Direct Debit, and
  • Handbooks are sent to the Wardens of Kindred Club huts so that they may check, when
    you apply to stay there, that you are a FRCC member. We similarly receive Handbooks from our Kindred Clubs.

Deletion of Data

  • In accordance with ICO guidelines the Club, being a not for profit organisation, must only keep personal data whilst the individual is a member.
  • The administrative data of members leaving the Club is archived with bank details removed.
  • All other personal details will be deleted from files after one year of non-membership.