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Archived Routes

Many routes are now omitted from the current guidebooks. There are many possible reasons for this including – the climb could not be located, it is overgown, dangerous, or of very poor quality, etc. These routes may be found in the Archived Routes pages. Please remember that some may not have been checked and are recorded for historical interest only. If exploring these routes you should exercise extreme caution. The approximate location of the route may be in the current guide.


The information contained in these pages is copyright the FRCC and is provided free for non-commercial use. Commercial users, or those wishing to distribute any of this information, should contact the FRCC Guidebooks Secretary for permission – this requirement is waived for those writing routes reports and similar articles for the climbing press.


Climbing carries the risk of injury or death, the presumption is that the climber accepts these risks and that they accept personal responsibility for their own actions and involvement. As the sources used are varied and unreliable, and the nature of a climb or crag described may alter the FRCC does not accept any liability for any of the information provided. The BMC now provides third party liability cover for members and members of affiliated clubs.

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