New Crag Submission

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  • Please try to ensure new entries are entered accurately with the correct parent Area etc. For example, if one were to try to create the Upper Buttress at Goats Crag in Borrowdale, assuming that only the Lower Buttress was already available in the database, one would – pick Borrowdale as the Area; pick Goats Crag as the Crag; and type a new entry, Upper Buttress, for the Buttress.
  • The Crag, Buttress, etc. selection lists will become visible as one picks the data in the correct order.
  • Please provide as detailed as possible OS grid reference; eight digits is preferred.
  • Approach time should be entered in hours (if appropriate) and minutes from the accepted (or described) road-head, e.g. 1 hour 10 minutes.
  • Altitude should be given in metric units, e.g. 120m.