Scafell & Wasdale

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Scafell is home to England’s finest mountain crags. There are very few places in Britain that offer the breadth of high calibre climbing that can be enjoyed on the crags of Scafell. In a high mountain setting the awesome rock architecture and writhing ethereal mists have been the inspiration for the creation of an incredible array of fine routes- you climb on impeccable rock in a magnificent setting surrounded by superb rock architecture. The early pioneers broke through many barriers on these crags, in 1892 Collie chipped his famous foothold to pass a blank section in Moss Ghyll, by 1905 action had moved onto the open faces and Botterill, complete with ice axe, crept up his eponymous slab. The pinnacle of pre-WW1 climbing was reached in 1914 when Herford, Sansom and Holland found the key to unlock Central Buttress thereby setting a standard that was not surpassed for many years. There is something here for everyone to climb, whether it is one of the many fine VD’s or an imposing route on the barrel shaped East Buttress where the combination of steepness and geology gives rise to a most unusual optical illusion, ropes do not hang straight down rather they appear to hang out from the crag.

If the weather looks “iffy” or after a big day on Scafell you can treat your tired legs to a relative rest by exploring the pleasant valley crags of Wasdale.

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